Deadlands Brooklyn

Special Delivery

A little bundle of joy is coming to town

When arriving in Sin City Nathaniel Owens came upon an ambushed caravan and was flagged down by a panicked young woman. The young lady identified herself as Laura Giles and confesses that she knows that what was being transported in the crate was some kind of wild beast and that if the robbers unbox it then it could be very dangerous.

Nathaniel met with The Kingfish, who belived it was the Sidewinder gang who pulled of the attack, and the other members of the Irregulars. After discussing the events they decided that Laura’s story didn’t quite add up… They found her at the Grand Illusion where she was staying and upon pressing her further she admitted to having more of a connection to the shipment but was unwilling to divulge the details. She was, however, willing to part will a considerable bounty which cleared up any other questions the heros may have had. After an awkward attempt at a nightcap by Melvin the group headed the Sidwinder’s hideout.

Arriving just after dawn the Irregulars snuck up the Sidewinders hideout and discovered that it had been the scene of some kind of fight and that the tracks led into a nearby cave. That was when they noticed a figure standing above the cave entrance watching them. The man that used to be a member of the Sidewinders attacked the party and when fired up revealed itself to be a horror inhabiting the body of the former outlaw. After gunning down the abomination Melvin had the clever idea to scrounge for the remaining dynamite the gang had to blow up the cave entrance. The beast they were hunting escape just before the dynamite exploded but did not escape the blast and was greeted by a hail of gunfire.

After blasting the abomination to pieces they loaded up the carcasses and brought the creature back with no small amount of fanfare to Socrates Pond at the Collegium hall.



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