Sheriff Howard Hammersmith


Sheriff Hammersmith is the man charged with keeping the peace in Sin City. In practice this means enforcing the interests of Roark and those wealthy enough to deserve protection. A veteran of the Civil War Howard served as a lieutenant in Texas and earned himself the monicker of “Hammer” for his swift and brutal strikes against the Union along with his uncompromising attitude. He retired from active duty to work with the Rangers for a few years before eventually landing in Sin City.

Hammersmith is a hardened veteran who has little patience and less empathy for anyone in his way. He is given absolute authority by Roark to enforce the peace as he judges and often as not that means a swift execution. The recent boom has stretched his means thin however and most of his attention and resources are spent policing Hightown and the working with the major mining interests who are bringing the money into the city. He has been especially concerned with the hookers at [The Promenade | The Promenade]] and their conflict with the Hatchetmen as well as the increasing violence that The Blackhearts have been causing is starting to result in public outrage.


Sheriff Howard Hammersmith

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