Deeds' Winchester '76

weapon (ranged)

*Winchester ’76 * [exceptional?] .45-.47 15 1 20 4d8 +0 4


1876 saw the Winchester Rifle company produce their Centennial Rifle. Later that year the Blackhearts robbed a west Denver bound train on the Union Blue line. In the strong-car, the gang discovered a small cache of a half dozen custom Winchester ’76s.

Tom Heart took his pick of the rifles, as expected, and then distributed the other 5 to his most trusted lieutenants in the gang. Bo Deeds received one of these from Tom himself when they returned to camp. Bo used the rifle during the course of the next year during some of the gangs’ more notorious crimes.

June ‘77 saw Deeds and 3 other gang members, upon hearing some new folks in Sin City asking about there handiwork in dealing with Gladstone McGuinness, attempted to ambush 4 men at the Merriweather stake. A quick but brutal firefight ensued with Bo’s rifle almost decapitating Caleb Ash save for a bit of lady luck. Deeds was not so lucky. Two rounds from Ash’s pistol put the Blackheart down.

The rifle is now in the possession of Caleb Ash. Who better be careful because a pretty gun like that is quite recognizable. So far Ash has been keeping it hidden while in an abouts Basin City.

Deeds' Winchester '76

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