Merriweather Grant


This land grant conveys ownership of a hillside and adjoining woodlands north west of Basin City. The land was originally a silver mine during the original Basin City Boom.

After the Reckoning and the emergence of ghost rock the mine was reopened by Otis Merriweather. Merriweather claimed to have hit it big with a strike. Unfortunately he lost the deed in a card game with Silas Chase and Gladstone McGuinness. McGuinness ended up with the title and moved up to the claim.

That’s when the trouble started. Gladstone was murdered in a bizarre ritual, allegedly by a consortium of Bethlehem Steel and the Blackhearts. Gladstone’s ghost then haunted the mine, sending nearby Sin City communities, especially the Irish in to a state of heightened panic. The claim was about to be auctioned off as the deed had disappeared. A group of former fellow servicemen returned to find out Gladstone’s fate and avenged his death in a shoot out at the claim. They then recovered the deed and quieted claim in town.

Previously known as the Merriweather Claim, its formerly most infamous owner, the stake is now legally in the hands of Gladstone’s fellow Irregulars.

Merriweather Grant

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