Deadlands Brooklyn

The mystery of Gladstone McGuinness

the first of many good time parties in the city that always sleezes

The former members of Auburns Irregulars have gathered in Sin City to investigate a report regarding their comrade in arms Gladstone McGuiness.

Gladstone recently acquired a strike that is located outside of town. Gladstone won the strike in a card game with the owner Otis Merriweather and a card shark named Silus Chase.

After visiting the The Kingfish at the The KnuckledusterGladstone was an outspoken drunk and it was no small surprise when he won the deed. Since the game he went to his strike he disappeared and it would now be coming up for auction.

The party discovers that Gladstone frequented Finnegan’s where they heard a rumor that the mine is now haunted.

A little later that night the party can found the former owner drowning his woes at Brewhouse.

Otis Merryweather had been working that strike since it first had silver in it, he always knew it held the motherload. After the Silver ran dry he bought it for a song and worked that strike everyday even though he had little to show for it. When ghostrock was first found in the basin he began with renewed vigor and finally had his first luck when he struck ghost rock. After bringing back his first haul he though he was on a hot streak and thats when he lost it all at the tables. When leaving the Brewhouse Zeke spotted Liam O’Shea following the Melvin and Otis. After getting the drop on Liam he admitted that his only concern was for Gladstone and that some of the Shamrocks had gone looking for him at his mine only to have a run in with the specter. Most assume whatever apparition haunts the mine is what did him in but no one dares go near it for fear of the specter that now haunts the grounds. The Irregulars were hot to discover what was going on and got Otis sober enough to lead them to the strike that night.

They call it A MIIIIIINE

The strike is typical of those in the area, a small stream runs through the modest camp and everything looks well worn and used. There is a small shack built into the hillside with a chimney poking through the roof. While scouting Zeke saw first hand that the stories were true in the dead of night a specter crawled from the mine stalked about the camp. Deciding to return in the morning the Irregulars bedded down for the night and when they returned to investigate the shack revealed layers of dust, and dried blood on the floorboards. No one had been to the strike for weeks. There were however, tracks and trail of blood from a body being dragged into the mine.

At the bottom of the mine shaft they discovered the specter was actually Gladstone himself. His body was at the center of some kind of dark ritual and his ghost was working aimlessly at the rock walls. There was still some shred of his former self left however and Gladstones ghost came to his senses long enough to realize what had happened to him and begged to be buried an his soul put to rest.

Otis Merriweather, who fled the mine as soon as he first sighted the specter, was gunned down by members of the The Blackhearts who had set themselves to attempting to ambush the Irregulars. After a brief but brutal gun battle 4 Blackhearts lay dead or dying including Bo Deeds. The spirit of Gladstone also revealed the location of his deed and asked his friends to avenge his death. Many questions still remained however, where was Silas Chase? Who was ultimately responsible for Gladstones death? Were the Blackhearts the ones who performed the ghastly ritual or just unwitting muscle?



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